HS Redesign at SHS


What is High School Redesign (HSR)?

  • HSR is focused on the importance of engaging students in meaningful learning by providing greater flexibility in their high school careers.

Why is this important?

  • We at Sundre High believe that creating critical, innovative and analytical thinkers in our school emphasizes the value we place on engaging students in meaningful, exploratory and educational opportunities. Our plan is to foster and nurture a school climate that is conducive to improved growth in student learning. A flexible framework that cultivates student accountability and ownership for learning will be established and supported.
  • We, at Sundre High School, believe that these changes will lead to:
    • Increased levels of academic performance.
    • Decreased levels of student stress.
    • Fostering greater student ownership of their personal learning.

What are the core focuses of High School Redesign?

  • Our education system in Alberta is based upon 9 core “pillars” of learning and these pillars are supported and reinforced with the implementation of HSR.
  • The three pillars Sundre High will target in the 2015-2016 school year will be:

What will change at Sundre High School during 2015-2016?

  • Parents and students will see:
    • A reimagined and simplified timetable from our current 8-day cycle.
    • The incorporation of a “flex block” into our weekly schedule. This block will be time in which students will have the opportunity to work on course work, seek help from teachers or explore areas of personal educational interest.
    • While attendance is mandatory, students will have the flexibility to register in the “flex block” of their choice based on the suggestion and guidance of their teachers or their own choice.
    • Teacher mentors will continue to support students in their personal and academic growth.

High School Redesign Downloadable Document

Parent Presentation on High School Redesign Downloadable Document