Expectations of Students


Flex Block Expectations


We as students at Sundre High School and Learning Centre accept responsibility to achieve high levels of learning. To achieve this goal the expectations of students during flex time are as follows:

  1. Flex Block is a class, attendance is required.

  2. Students are to be purposefully working towards greater academic achievement.

  • Examples

❏  Attending tutorials

❏  Seeking help and support from teachers

❏  Writing / rewriting exams

❏  Working on individual and collaborative assignments / projects

❏  Peer tutoring / study groups

  1. At appropriate times, students may seek academic guidance.

  • Examples

❏  Grad Requirements, course selection, etc.

❏  Post-secondary planning

❏  Seminars / Clinics

❏  Guest Speakers

Expectations of Students (Flex Block) Downloadable Document