Sundre High School Students News en-us Thu, 19 Oct 2017 12:16:23 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 SHS Student Heading to Nunavut in October! Congratulations to SHS student Keyanna St. Dennis for being selected for the Arctic Youth Ambassador program in Iqaluit Nunavut October 25-29 2017. This opportunity was born from Keyanna's work with the Sundre High Leo club, which provided her with the skills and experiences to successfully compete in the application process. Congratulations again Keyanna! News News The SHS/SLC Fall Newsletter is now available! The Fall 2017 newsletter can be found here. News News Amazing Nutrition for Learning Video! News News First Parent Council Meeting is Tuesday, September 19 6:00PM News News The SHS/SLC June newsletter is now available! The newsletter can be accessed here. News News Showcase 2017 IS HERE! News News Another BP A+ for Energy grant awarded to SHS! Congratulations to Ryan Beck on receiving another BP A+ for Energy grant totaling $9500. Mr. Beck and a group of grade 9-11 Sundre High students have been meeting since September 2016 with a goal of conducting scientific research. Their proposal for a novel experiment has been accepted by the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron at the University of Saskatchewan. They have been awarded Beamtime (an opportunity for scientists that is akin to hockey players making the NHL) for December 15th to 18th 2017. Students will spend the next 8 months working with actual research scientists from around the world to prepare for and maximize this opportunity, with a goal of making a genuine contribution to science. Their current plan is to study osteoporosis in polar bears, however, they expect their plan to evolve over time as they continue to learn and work with research scientists on the project. This grant will go towards subsidizing the costs of this trip for students. Congratulations Mr. Beck! News News May Queen 2017 BEGINS! Dear Parents/Guardians, As I am sure you are aware, our 48th May Queen fundraiser is set to begin.  Our May Queen kick-off is today with the days where students volunteer to work in the community being Wednesday, May 10th to Saturday, May 13th.   For those of you new to May Queen this is the Student Union’s annual fundraiser that raised over $35,000 last year from students working odd jobs in the Sundre area.  During this fundraiser the students compete against each other to see which grade can raise the most money.  Although this is a volunteer driven event it is encouraged that all students pitch in to help as it benefits them in many ways.   The monies raised offset the costs of many student activities most notably Prom, as well as athletic teams, dances and many other extracurricular events.  In addition to the money raised, another huge benefit we see for students is being able to give back to their community and work alongside their peers in a non-school setting.  As a staff, we see students in a totally different light outside the classroom and it provides great opportunities for the students to practice the skills of volunteerism, leadership, work ethic and being part of a cause bigger than themselves. In order to make this event work we have always relied on parent drivers to help students get to and from their work sites.  You should have received a mail-out that included a driving schedule for parents.  If you are unable to drive, or would like to change your driving shift please try to trade shifts with another parent or contact the main office at 403-638-4545. If you have any May Queen related questions please feel free to contact Chris Mertens (May Queen Advisor) at . Scott Saunders Principal News News Game Night at the Sundre Public Library News News May Queen 2017 is almost here! May Queen 2017 is right around the corner (May 10-13). All families should be receiving an information package in the mail containing a May Queen information sheet, parent driving schedule and student permission form (which needs to be returned to the school).   If you do not receive this package or have any questions regarding May Queen please feel free to contact the school office at 403-638-4545. News News