Another BP A+ for Energy grant awarded to SHS! |

Another BP A+ for Energy grant awarded to SHS!

Congratulations to Ryan Beck on receiving another BP A+ for Energy grant totaling $9500. Mr. Beck and a group of grade 9-11 Sundre High students have been meeting since September 2016 with a goal of conducting scientific research. Their proposal for a novel experiment has been accepted by the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron at the University of Saskatchewan. They have been awarded Beamtime (an opportunity for scientists that is akin to hockey players making the NHL) for December 15th to 18th 2017. Students will spend the next 8 months working with actual research scientists from around the world to prepare for and maximize this opportunity, with a goal of making a genuine contribution to science. Their current plan is to study osteoporosis in polar bears, however, they expect their plan to evolve over time as they continue to learn and work with research scientists on the project. This grant will go towards subsidizing the costs of this trip for students. Congratulations Mr. Beck!