What is HS Redesign?

Sundre High School has begun a journey down the path of “High School Redesign”. High Schools in the Province of Alberta continue to look at what works best for teaching and Learning.  Redesigning High School focuses on research and 'next practice' thinking, where schools have implemented strategies and approaches aimed at transforming the high-school experience for students and teachers through changes to school structure, culture, teaching practices or leadership.

You can find more information on the High School Redesign program on the Alberta Education website.

Foundational Principles Guiding High School Redesign:

  1. Mastery Learning
  2. Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum
  3. Personalization
  4. Flexible Learning Environments
  5. Educator Roles and Professional Development
  6. Meaningful Relationships
  7. Home and Community Involvement
  8. Assessment
  9. Welcoming, Caring Respectful and Safe

All of the above Guiding Principles are already a part of everyday teaching and learning at Sundre High School.